Chapter 150: Like me like me. Oh like me. Look, look this is me here!!!

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– Say J, do you like your own posts?

– What posts?

– Any posts, Facebook posts, blog posts…

– You are funny, Coco.

– Why?

– Because it is stupid lo like your own posts!

– Why?

– I don’t know… Because other people will think that I am full of shit, that I lack modesty or something.

– And are you?

– What?

– Are you full of shit?

– Noha! I am not. What is it all about?

– Do you like writing your posts?

– I love it!

– Then like them all! You are the first one who has to like your own work! If you don’t like your own work why would other people like it? If you don’t like your own work – why in the whole world would you do something you do not like?! And on the top of that publish for others to read! Liking your own posts is the first step to be kind to yourself, to start liking yourself and to get rid of this one great vice called MODESTY!

P.S. I have liked all my posts because I have to like myself. Somehow once you start – it feels great!

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