Chapter 348: Your energizing tights are here. The cart is open. 😍

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We’re now live for you for the next 5 days! 💖

I just opened up the special limited-time offer for your pair of Perfect Tights® and two AWESOME gifts for you!

Let me tell you about the gifts. 

If you know me longer than a minute, you know that I am very adventurous. 

So are your gifts. 

1) A pair of Perfect Tights® at a FASHION INVENTOR rate. (Please enter Promo Code INVENTOR). I will never repeat this offer ever again!

2) 6 weeks FREE admission to my secret online fitness game that will change your life (we start on 4th of January!).

And no, I am not exaggerating. If you are ready to wake up, claim back your crown and slim down 15 pounds in the process – here I am, your adventurous guide, taking you on a transformational journey to get fit, fearless and free. 🙂 

3) If you are the one who achieves her fitness goals first while playing Queen’s Quest™ and wearing Perfect Tights® — I will dress you into a gorgeous designer dress by MADAME PURE™ to celebrate your fitness achievement!

I am a fashion inventor. Remember? I design and produce the most gorgeous dresses in the world! 😊 

The offer lasts 5 days. And once gone – it’s gone.

CLICK HERE for your pair of Perfect Tights® and your AWESOME gifts! Or paste this link into your browser:

(I opened it up a bit early to avoid any bottlenecks and spread the load on the server).

Much love,


P.S. Remember … You don’t need to panic. I don’t expect to sell out immediately. However, if you want a pair of Perfect Tights® (one of 50 pairs I’ve got) and the great gifts coming with it —then please do not delay. They are going to go fast.Here is the link:

CLICK HERE for your pair of Perfect Tights® and your AWESOME gifts!

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