Chapter 156: Who are you? Or the third head of obesity dragon…

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Today we are going back to the obesity dragon, the one with three heads and stuff…
1)    Our Loss
2)    Our Wish
3)    Our Self

You have disabled two heads recently by writing down what you have lost and what you want.

There is still one head left to slay… This head will fall asleep once you answer the following question: Who are you?

In order to do so – read your previous essays.
What have you lost? – This is part of you which may return.
What do you want? – This may become a new part of you.
And now who are you?

I will make it easier for you. Just fill in the following sentence:
I am The One Who [creates what impact?] by [doing what?].

It should be something which gives you shivers of excitement, something which addresses your dreams and most daring aspirations.

I have thought about it for some time and this is what I have for myself: I am the One Who Changes Lives by Healing Fear.

Why are you “The One”? Because it will help you to take responsibility for Who You Are.

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