Chapter 60: The second great advantage of being overweight.

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I am at my work chatting with Coco online. I am not sure private chatting is allowed. But as long as my boss does not know about this secret blog – I am fine. I think …

Wait. I AM the boss!

Anyway, after wishing me good morning Coco actually asked me what calendar year am I in. (???)

– What calendar year are you in now J?

– ??? 2016?

– No you are not. In the past two weeks you have travelled back in time at least to 2012.

– How so?

– It’s time for you to discover the second great advantage of being overweight.  (Hmm, – that’s me thinking. –What is she talking about? – while Coco goes on.) – TIME TRAVEL! When losing weight you literally travel back in time to the very same year when you have had the very same weight. So what calendar year are you in now?

– 2012? This is the year where middle in the winter I found out that my weight went up to 180 lbs. I was not happy about this number. I was actually very upset. Little I knew that it can be even worse. I think I topped 189 lbs in August 2015.

– And now after two weeks weight loss marathon you are back in 2012. I am curious what year will I meet you next time J! Enjooooooy! – and she went off-line. This is Coco. One second she is here – another second God knows…when.

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3 Replies to “Chapter 60: The second great advantage of being overweight.”

    1. I share your opinion. As long as my life is fun and happy, and even if it is not – I am very much ok with my friends, colleagues and other people being overweight. In regard to myself – I feel better in 140lbs costume then in 189lbs costume. I sleep shorter, I wake up fool of energy, can put one leg over another, I fit in any garment and everything looks great on me. 🙂 Not yet. In 140lbs costume. I just went from 189 to 180. Still some way to go.


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