Chapter 180: Rain brings me back to who I am…

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It is raining for the past 7 days.
And I feel that the rain washes away, once again …
Same old confusion…
About who I really am.

That’s why I have decided to start my day with the blog which means a world to me.
Although, prior to do that, I have checked my emails. 🙂

It is a fact that no matter how clear we see things, any difficult situation on our path to our goal acts like a heavy rain, washing away our road map. Confused – we are picking up the trail of someone else, someone who screams the loudest 🙂

My purpose is to help people discovering their True Self, start living fully and daring greatly. Albeit through getting fit, through setting up successful fashion business, through shamanic work or all three together. This is my trail, my road map carved in stone.

At the end of the day – it is all about dealing with fear, as for fear is the single power separating us from anything we want and everything we need.

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