Chapter 79: Sneaky-Deserve-It-Troll

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– Sneaky-Deserve-It-Troll is the second major cause of fitness campaign failure. He will be the one telling you that you deserve things, such as a break from exercise, or some kind of junk food you chose to abandon. He will be the one filling your mind with negative thoughts and acute self pity. He will be telling you all kinds of negative stuff trying to stop you from your routine. He is unpleasant and talks a lot of rubbish.

– It is not a real person, is it?

– Actually it is. – Coco laughs out loud.

– Who? – I ask in disbelief.

– YOU!

– WHAT?!

– In course of your Queen’s Quest for Fitness, Fearlessness and Freedom you will actually … lose excess fat. For years your excess fat has functioned as a storage of the old and new toxins. When fat is melting – toxins are being released into your bloodstream giving birth to the Sneaky-Deserve-It-Troll, causing such side effects as acute self pity, dark thoughts and if you give in – Queen’s Quest failure.

– So how to defeat him?

– You can’t really get rid of him. You can learn to live with him. One day he will leave on his own. Till then he will be there in your mind 24/7 and you will need to isolate his voice from your actions.

I met my Sneaky-Deserve-It-Troll soon enough. Oh boy, this dude is sneaky! He uses the D-word! He appeared in the beginning of the third week and was very active for four straight weeks. He kind of disappeared last Sunday, week six of my Queen’s Quest for Fitness. He disappeared together with the Princess-of-Boredom. They may as well be a couple of some sort.

To be continued…

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