Chapter 127: I Don’t Have Time to Exercise. A Little Game. Play it!

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You don’t have time to exercise…

No wonder…

Who does?

You don’t.

She doesn’t.

Me neither.

We all don’t.

So let’s create some time.

I challenge you to purchase a little book like one on the picture above.

And to write down everything you do in a day plus how long.

Like meeting so-and-so 1 hour, watching this movie 4 hours, going to this store 1 hour, staring at your fingernails 30 minutes, talking on the phone 1 hour, eating 1 hour … everything …

Do it for 1 week straight.

At the end of the week answer this one simple question in regard to each and every activity listed:

“Do I want to drop dead while [fill in activity listed in your book]?”.

If your answer is yes – feel free to continue this activity and enjoy.

If your answer is no – exchange this activity for exercising.

If you don’t want to drop dead while exercising – don’t worry.

It is more likely to happen if you do not exercise.

This little game did help me to see my whole life in a different light.

I am still playing it.

12 months after I started – I managed to free 6 hours a day for things that really matter, things I don’t mind falling dead while doing.

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3 Replies to “Chapter 127: I Don’t Have Time to Exercise. A Little Game. Play it!”

  1. Love the post. Definitely subscribing for more! I love watching people get out and get fit and live a healthy lifestyle. I write about that kind of stuff in my blog as well! Feel free to check it out if you need some inspiration or motivation.


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