Chapter 30: Dream Number Two: Becoming a Millionaire Sounds Kind of Right.

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Thinking about my dream number two along with daily work completely took my mind off cigarettes. The Gollum still shows his face here and there. Luckily this face looks stuffy and boring to me out of a sudden.

I re-installed a new weekly exercise routine:

– logging calories

– 4 hours / week rope jumping

The battery of my scale is still broken. I can not weigh myself, so there are no second thoughts about possible weight gain due to quitting smoking. I will not repair the scale for the time being. It feels right to log calories, exercise and draw conclusions based on daily balance.

I still have not figured out what my dream number two should be, the one I need in order to approach my weight loss from “want without wanting, forget without forgetting” perspective. Becoming a millionaire sounds kind of right.

“The impact of shifting down 4 sizes is similar to the impact of cashing in your first million. It sounds worlds apart but the algorithm is the same.” – Weren’t those Coco’s words?

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