Chapter 94: Today I am just a girl. I don’t want responsibility. I want a dress!

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I promise I will write about some more serious topics in the future. Like how I learned all ins and outs about launching your own fashion brand, creating your own audience, about doing business online, about how I launched my own fashion brand and all other great stuff related to it. But today I am just a girl! I don’t want responsibility, I want a dress!

Today it finally got through my thick skull what Coco meant by saying: “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels!”

I am not skinny yet folks. The BMI graph on tells me I just crossed the mine-covered and fiercely protected border between Country of OBESE and OVERWEIGHT Federation.

But … I kind of fit into most of my old clothes as per today! And it looks great in the mirror, although some of them still can’t close by half an inch. I could not wear those for ages being condemned to jersey-whatever-fits!

Normally I am a very serious person. But not today! And may be never ever! And this is sooooo exciting. OMG! I have to go my dear friends. I have to fit my dresses! Who needs sleep if the mirror picture looks right!

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Perfect Tights by Coco Tomatl Special Offer Banner 20190607

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