I considered this experiment risky. Coco said I should trust myself more. She said my body knew what it was doing…

I have been travelling for 7 days.

Having 12 to 14 hours seminars every day, blown away by the jet lag, the only daily exercise I could trick myself into during 7 days in a row was 60 minutes walking: 30 minutes walk to the event location and 30 minutes back to my hotel.

Once arrived at the hotel – I would fall asleep almost on the doorstep. I would wake up at 2 am, read work related messages sent by my colleagues, and fall asleep again at 4 am. Alarm clock would tear me out of my sleep at 7 am. I would get dressed and walk along the sea side to the event location.

I considered it to be a risky experiment: foreign country, no rope jumping, different food. Today early morning, with my heart pounding I stepped on the scale…

Same weight as when I left!!! The best maintenance week ever.

 – I am glad you had this experience early in your Queen’s Quest, J. – Though Coco, – You need to learn to maintain your new weight. Better early then late.

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