Chapter 114: 27.5 I kiss you good-bye.

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27.5 pounds are gone. 2.5 more pounds and the third Battle of the Queen’s Quest is finished. I have scheduled for 6 battles altogether targeting for 60 pounds weight loss, 10 pounds per battle.

While the first two battles felt like a very fast and efficient invasion, the third one has taken a shape of a Siege. My troops were longing for chocolate bars, hot chocolate and chocolate cake and I could not really deny it to them. On the bright side while fed all this chocolate my troops stayed loyal to daily rope jumping and food logging.

Chocolate cravings lasted for four weeks and subsided at the dawn of the week number four. The end of the Siege is in sight. And do you know what else is in sight? A thigh gap. LOL

Thigh CMF: minus 3.1”, Hip CMF: minus 4.3”, Waist CMF: minus 5.5”

Routine: Perfect Tights – wearing the whole day and during exercise. Exercise – 1 hour moderate rope jumping per day (6000 jumps/hour). Steam sauna – 20 minutes per day. Hula hoop 9 min a day. If you are wondering where is the back pack with stones – I ditched it. Stones are at home, in the kitchen, under a plastic garden chair.

Food – logging calories intake @

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