I am running my fashion label for quite some time, and it feels like I am not moving anywhere.

I am slaving away day in day out.

Clients don’t buy, want everything cheaper and keep asking what new styles do I have, instead of buying the old ones.

Stores cancel their orders as they please and don’t sign any long-term contracts with me.

It feels like a never-ending march to nowhere!

Whenever business picks up, and it seems like I have mastered the game, something happens, and I am back to point ZERO.

What am I doing wrong?!

Sounds familiar?

In this article, I am going to talk about one mistake that costs you an arm and leg in any business, and is responsible for lack of results.

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So, what is this mistake that costs an arm and leg in any business, and is responsible for lack of results?

This mistake is LACK OF FOCUS.

Yes, if you are lacking results – you are not focused at all.

Reasons for lack of focus are fourfold:

1) You operate outside your True Genius.

2) You have a wrong mission and purpose.

3) Your product portfolio is too large. 

4) You lack fitness and self-care.

Let’s start with operating outside your True Genius.

Every human being has a higher purpose.

Every human being is a living genius.

You are a living genius.

You have a higher purpose.

The reason why you are lacking results is that your attention goes to everything else but your True Genius.

And you come up with one million excuses why you can’t enter your genius zone.

The single reason being – FEAR.

Everyone lives in constant fear.

Fear that confines you to the prison of your comfort zone.

Fear that tells you that you are a victim, that the whole world is against you, that no one out there is to help you.

Fear that tells you that you are not good enough to pursue a great purpose.

Fear that at the end of the day ruins your business.

Shall it happen, though, no doubt your FEAR will tell me and the entire world that somebody else did to you.

There is no exit from this fear prison, none whatsoever.

There is no exit from the walls of mediocrity and bars of compromise.

None but one.

And this single exit, this cubic centimeter of chance, is Your True Genius.

Only through stepping into your zone of Genius are you able to own and eventually to transcend your fears.

In your zone of Genius you are so joyful, so confident, so much in tune and in love with your purpose, that there is no place left for fear.

No judgment can touch you, nothing can stop you, and the whole world conspires to help you. 

The second reason for lack of results is wrong mission and purpose.

Of course, sitting outside your True Genius, how are you supposed to tune into your True Purpose?

Most fashion designers I met want to be famous.

Most fashion entrepreneurs I met want to be rich.

No one cares about your fame.

No one cares about your riches.

Hence, no one wants to support you.

Your mission and purpose are never about you.

They are always about your clients.

About giving your clients a transformational experience with your business.

About solving your clients’ PROBLEM and giving your clients RESULT.

If you are a fashion product owner – your business is about giving transformation experience to your clients with your fashion.

Making your clients’ lives better.

Elevating their physical or emotional pain with your fashion.

3) The third reason for lack of focus is too large product portfolio.

No matter how many products you are designing per season, those are way too many.

How many do you really need?

You require one single product.

Per season?


One single product for as long as it takes to grow sales of this product to 25 units per day on average.

3) The fourth reason for lack of focus is lack of fitness and self-care.

Low fitness level and lack of self-care does not accommodate for a successful career.

Entrepreneurial activity demands a high level of energy. 

To sum up.

If you are lacking results – you are not focused.

To focus, you need to:

1) Define your True Genius.

2) Redefine your mission and purpose around your clients’ needs.

3) Reduce your product portfolio to one product. Focus on this product until 25 units are sold per day on average.

4) Get fit.

By the way, I have been working with quite some people who would jump from one thing to another and call it creative spirit.

Please do not confuse creative spirit with messiness and lack of focus.

It is deadly for any business.

Now that you understand the role of focus, stay tuned for my next article, where we fix your mission and purpose, your product portfolio and your fitness.

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Wear your passion!

Julia Antufjew


Julia Antufjew is a Fashion Inventor and Manufacturer, 15 years in business, Bestselling Author and driving force behind Manufacturing Club Quantumfactory, founder of Fashion Business Mastermind™, the one and only mentorship program that helps you quit fear, get focused and streamline your fashion business.

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