It is a wonderful day, therefore let’s define your True Genius!

Let me remind you why you are here.

You want to gain FOCUS.

If you are lacking results – you are not focused.

The reasons being:
1) Operating outside your True Genius
2) Wrong mission and purpose.
3) Too large product portfolio.
4) Lack of fitness and self-care.

This exercise is all about identifying your True Genius.

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Your business starts with you.

Your business has to resonate with your Super Power.

Your True Genius becomes a core part of your business and your communication strategy.

Therefore, you need to know what is your absolute zone of genius.

True Genius is something you enjoy doing, something you can hold a one-hour presentation about if woken up in the middle of the night, something you get into the state of flow while doing.

It is your first language, and often you dismiss it as not a big deal.

Very easy for you, you do not understand that it is difficult and often even impossible for other people.

For example: I love inventing fashion.

I see new products emerge in the front of my very eyes.

I see the creative core of the product, know exactly how to implement it, what technology to use, what textiles, what trims, what prints, the story of the product, it’s unique selling points.

I see it all in one short moment, in one vivid second in front of my inner eye.

After that, the implementation can start.

For years, I thought this is nothing to write home about.

This is my profession, and yes, I am supposed to be good at it.

Little did I know that this is exactly what my Super Power is about.

Let’s answer several questions to spot your True Genius.

1) What country (countries) do you call your home?
Your heritage may be a source of great inspiration for your business.

One of my students is born in Mongolia.

Mongolia has the most beautiful national costumes, with rich jacquard, amazing prints and exquisite accessories.

Understanding traditional national costume may be the true genius of this student.

2) What are your favorite activities?
The ones you forget time while doing, a source of a great pleasure, inspiration, a source of the state of flow.

Music, fashion, gardening, fishing, writing, exercising, drawing, dancing, storytelling.

Playing games, teaching, negotiating, selling, meeting people, having conversations.

Religion, shamanic practice, clubbing, paining.

The list is long. What is yours?

Every activity is welcome. There is no censorship.

If you love clubbing, if you know everything about the night-live of New York, all new trendy places, all initiatives and programs, then this is your True Genius.

The challenge with True Genius is, no matter what it is, it is so easy for you to dismiss its importance.

3) What do you know a lot about?
What is it you could hold a one-hour presentation about with no preparation?

4) What are your hobbies?
What are you looking forward to doing?

5) What do people ask you to help them with?

6) What is your profession?
It is very common for fashion designers and fashion entrepreneurs to have a full-time job, while starting or running their fashion business on the side.

Most of my students have a full time job. 

And interestingly, a lot of my students completely ignore this question while doing the True Genius exercise.

They dismiss their profession as something not sexy enough to be mentioned.

However, at the end of the day, their current profession becomes an important bridge in communication between them and their clients.

It is a great asset to leverage your current profession in your fashion business. Therefore, please do not ignore this question.

7) What have you entered competitions for and / or won awards for?

8) What do people compliment you on?

Once you have answered all questions, write a summary of your superpowers. 

How do you know what activities to include in your summary?


True Genius speaks the language of joy.

If something doesn’t make you truly joyous, then it isn’t your genius.

According to Pareto principle, 20% of activities create 80% of joy.

4% of activities create 64% of joy.

1% of activities create 51% of joy.

What 1% activities listed above create 51% joy for you?

For me, it is Fitness. Writing. Transformational mentorship through game. Business Strategy. Analytics. Learning. Journeying. Inventing Fashion. Meeting friends, old and new. Family. Dancing. Martial arts. Speaking languages. I speak a lot of languages, and it is a delight.

Now that you understand your True Genius, stay tuned for my next article, where we fix your mission and purpose, your product portfolio and your fitness.

If you like my writing, please show your support 🙂 👇🙏

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Wear your passion!

Julia Antufjew


Julia Antufjew is a Fashion Inventor and Manufacturer, 15 years in business, Bestselling Author and driving force behind Manufacturing Club Quantumfactory, founder of Fashion Business Mastermind™, the one and only mentorship program that helps you quit fear, get focused and streamline your fashion business.

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