Chapter 343: A winning fashion label?

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What is a winning fashion label?
Is a winning fashion label a term in fashion?

Working on my masterclass for the past few days, I’ve asked my friends for feedback on the names for the masterclass.

The one I like a lot is: Three Secrets to Create a Winning Fashion Label With Almost NO Prior Experience!

And here is a question that comes a lot: “What is a winning fashion label?” “Is it a term in fashion?”

Let’s dive into it and figure out what a  winning fashion label really is.

Entrepreneurship looks very nice from outside.

Evry entrepreneur knows what it really takes.

Years of bootstrapping. Zero security. Delayed upon delayed gratification.

Long working hours. Tremendous pressure and crazy noise.

Being a fashion entrepreneur is no different.

If you are a fashion designer, people envy you for the glamorous occupation.

But who of those people knows about your sleepless nights and tears?

About despair to deliver a new collection in times of zero inspiration?

About despair to finance a new collection development in times of creative flow?

About financial pressure to pay off loans?

About your family telling you that you better wake up and call it a day?

About customers cancelling orders with no reasons as they see fit?

About customers returning your goods worn and dirty?

About your own omnipresent FEAR OF FAILURE?

Who knows about it?

I do. This is why I am teaching how to create a winning fashion label.

Because any business that causes her owner that much headache is per definition not a winning business.

So what is a winning fashion lable?

A winning fashion label is a fashion label with great chances for success as opposed to most new fashion labels out there, that never survive beyond the year number four.

That is if they survive beyond the year number one, which 95% of fashion labels never do.

How does a successful fashion label look like?

1) It is profitable and has a strong order pipeline.
2) Its owner earns a comfortable monthly salary.
3) Its owner is happy.
4) It is scalable.
5) The company is sellable.

That’s it. That’s a winning fashion label.

Most new fashion labels have none of these features.

If reading my post your mind goes: “Hmm, interesting…” Then schedule a FREE discovery call with me!

In 60 minutes I will show you exactly what your winning fashion label is all about!

Much love, Julia

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