Chapter 344: The road to hell is paved … with good intentions.

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As a first-year student I had a cleaning job.

The lady loved me and gave me multivitamin juice to drink each and every time I visited to clean her apartment.

One day she fired me.

Not because I was a lousy cleaner. I did ok.

But because I … did not accept her gift of 6 old garden chairs she thought I needed very much.

She’s purchased a set of new furniture, wanted to rid of old furniture, offered it to me and I said no.

I was a student.

My house was furnished very modest.

And yes, I did not have any garden chairs.

And guess what.

I did not need any.

Most importantly – I did not need old garden chairs.

I would not mind if they were new and red, or pink or purple.

But they were old, and green, and old. Oh, I’ve mentioned old already.

Ok. So, what are you thinking right now?

Ungrateful young (Yes, this word. No, not this one. A softer one, the one that won’t be censored).

Ungrateful like how?

If I don’t have chairs in my garden and my furniture survived two world wars, it doesn’t mean that I need old green garden chairs.

So, I said: “Thank you, but no.”

And she fired me.

And yes, she told me I am an ungrateful little person. Let’s call it a person.


Here it goes my career in cleaning.

Never worked out.

What’s the deal with this whole write-up?

Well, the fact that someone claims to have your good in their mind, does not mean it is good for you.

So please decide for yourself on every occasion what chairs you do or don’t allow through the Front Porch of Your Life!

Much love, Julia

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