Chapter 345: The one where I turned my pain into a fashion invention. Part 1 of 3.

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I felt lost.

Lost in the dark forest of life.

I was in pain.

And where is pain, there is a fashion invention.

My fashion invention started out of pain.

Namely lack of health (as you already know).

1) I’ve gained 60 pounds excess weight.

2) I hated my looks.

3) My health was getting worse by the day.

4) I wanted to start exercising again to get back in shape, and simply could not…

No willpower? Lazy? A loser?

That’s what the voice inside my head was telling me non-freaking-stop.

My mentor Coco saw it differently.

“Failing to go to the gym or to exercise at home does not have anything to do with your willpower or being lazy”, – that’s Coco.

(BTW. Why am I telling you all this stuff? Because you want to learn how my fashion invention came about. And why do you want to learn that? Because you want to be a Fashion Inventor!)

“I know it sounds crazy,” – she went on, “because you are so used to hearing that you need to have:

1) a strong willpower,

2) total determination,

3) time to exercise

4) and right equipment in order to get fit.

But the TRUTH is there is something even more important than any willpower in the world.

In fact, you don’t need any willpower to get fit!”

– What?! – (That’s me yelling).

– Yes! The real reason why you fail to follow any fitness program is LACK OF ENERGY my dear Baby J! (Coco calls me Baby J. Can’t do anything about it, so don’t even ask).

You simply don’t have enough energy.

And this is something that most of us ignore.

Willpower and determination are useless if you are exhausted.

You can have the fanciest, the most expensive equipment in the world. You can have your entire basement dedicated to a gym. But it is all meaningless if you have no energy.

You can have a lot of free time. But if you don’t have the energy – you can’t really make a full use of your time.

What probably really happens when you get home from work, you make a dinner for your family and then you collapse onto the sofa and watch TV for a bit.

You could be exercising instead.The issue is not your time at all but your energy.

And this is great news!

– How is that great news, Coco. I am at the end of my rope and you are dancing around?

– It is great news, because this problem is easily solved!

– How?- Imagine, – Coco leans back in her chair and folds her arms behind her head, – Imagine getting your energy from elsewhere to jump-start your fitness.

– What? How?

[To be continued…]

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