Chapter 346: The one where I stopped the world. Part 2 of 3.

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So, where are we?

Oh, yes.

I am exhausted and very curious.

Coco (my mentor) has this weird mysterious look. (Nothing special. Her normal look).

– When you discover the right way to BOOST your energy levels, you’ll be able to exercise daily if you’d like. – though Coco.

– What ingredient do you have in mind, Coco?

– Castor oil.

– Castor oil is a laxative! How can it give me energy?

– For starters, castor oil lessens fatigue and depression.

– Why is it important?

– Because fatigue and depression are the main reason why you don’t exercise.

When castor oil is absorbed, the flow of lymph increases throughout your body.

I can tell you the whole scientific mumble jumble, but in a nutshell, you can imagine your lymphatic system as your most important disease-fighting and cleaning engine.

For the past few years, you have not taken a proper care of your engine.

In order to run faster, you have even removed the air filter so-to-speak, letting your engine breathe whatever was in atmosphere.

Eventually your engine got contaminated with all this dirt, dust and sand.

Now you can barely hit 20 miles per hour, and you are all hot and exhausted.

Castor oil flushes your engine clean, like you just came from the factory.

Now you can go 80 miles per hour without even knowing.

Better lymphatic flow speeds up the removal of toxins surrounding the cells. Your organ function improves, and as a result fatigue and depression diminish.

And what happens when you are less fatigued? Exactly! You have more energy!

– This is quite crazy. Anything else?

– Sure. Secret number two is that castor oil is a natural painkiller.

– Why is that important?

– Hahaha. Because of how often you stop exercising due to extremely sore muscles in the beginning. Not only is castor oil going to lessen your fatigue and depression, it is also going to help you prevent sore muscles during exercise.

– Well Coco, it sounds all good and neat, but how can I exercise after taking a laxative?

– Hahaha, I am having a good laugh with you, Baby J! Secret number three is that castor oil is only a laxative if you take it orally.

And it becomes a very potent fatigue remedy if applied directly to your skin.

So if you are looking to get back the energy you once had, you definitely need castor oil.

– It is a sticky thing this oil of yours. And oily as well. Takes ages to apply and to be absorbed.

– Well, my love, you are a Fashion Inventor. Show me what you can come up with.

– Fashion and castor oil?!

– Yes. I see you in two weeks. Show me something. Ba-bai.

It took longer than two weeks to come up with my Fashion Invention.

I’ve spent ages smearing castor oil all over the place until one day I stopped the world, and the true solution came to me.

Tomorrow I will show you my patent pending fashion invention that allows you to get all the benefits of the castor oil without getting all oily and sticky, and in fact without spending any time on castor oil application or alike.

You will learn how I’ve incorporated castor oil into my daily routine, got an energy boost, started exercising the way I’ve never done before, claimed back my crown and turn to a fit, fearless and free queen I always dreamed of!

Remember, my pain was lack of health, lack of fitness.

I could not start exercising being beyond exhausted.

This pain resulted in a fashion invention that gives you a boost of energy to start exercising!

Why am I sharing it with you? Because I want you to see how fashion inventions come to life!

Welcome to the world where your dreams come true!

Much love,


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