Chapter 347: The only pair of tights that make my butt look 25 again! Part 3 of 3.

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I’ve promised you to reveal my fashion invention today. 

So, here I was. 

Exhausted, lacking health and fitness. 

Total lack of energy. 

I knew that the world will change once I claim back my fitness, but how do I do that? 

I need some kind of healthy energy booster, something like castor oil, that lessens fatigue and minimizes muscle pain if applied directly to your skin. 

Here I am, all covered in sticky castor oil, thinking on how to combine it with fashion. 

“You are a Fashion Inventor. Show me something.” – I hear Coco’s voice in my head. 

It’s easy for her. How in the whole world can I combine those things?!

And yes, if you look back – you see me smearing the castor oil all over the place … until the solution finally came to me. 

I’ve made my product. I’ve put it on, started exercising for 30 min a day, slimmed down 30 pounds, turned my whole life around. (I’m writing it now and feel the tears coming up). 

It felt like freaking flying! 

It still does. 

Please give me your full attention. Because you’ve never heard anything like that before. 

I’ve actually created a perfect pair of patent-pending stirrup tights soaked into castor oil, that lessens fatigue and minimizes muscle pain.

And I know what you are thinking. Sounds like the worst thing in the world to wear oily pants. 

No. They are not oily.

As a matter of fact, they feel better than any other pair of stirrup tights you’ve ever had.

They are zero moisture involved. The castor oil is baked into the fabric.

I have entrapped the Castor Oil in the tiny pockets called micro capsules. Then I have woven these micro capsules into the fabric of my tights.

When you wear the tights, the little pockets of Castor Oil break open and gradually release tiny portions of the oil that are instantly absorbed by your skin. You never feel it happening.

It reduces fatigue and gives you the extra energy to jump-start your fitness.

From the first day, when you put your tights on you may feel as if you just had a shot of espresso. 

Now you finally have the extra energy in your life to do the things you love or to be with people you love.

Once you have more energy – you may add 30 minutes of exercise to your daily routine. (Exactly what I did).

On day 6 you may notice that your food cravings for processed foods start to diminish. [!!!] At this point, I recommend you start avoiding processed foods.

And 23 days later you are a different person. 23 days later your body ‘takes over’. The daily exercise changes your brain chemistry and your gratification patterns. 

Now you are getting your gratification from the exercise released endorphins, rather than from food.

Not only do my tights give you the extra energy to start exercising, it’s simply the best looking and the most comfortable leg wear available for women. 

In fact, they are so comfortable, snug, moisture wicking, UV-protective and good-looking that I am wearing them all the time.

I am wearing the Perfect Tights® during exercise, for formal business occasions, casually and even for events as important as my wedding!

“The only pair of tights that make my butt look 25 again!” – those are the exact words of my dear friend Meja. 

Surprised? Excited?

I’ve reserved a pair for you so you can see it, wear it and feel its power! 

Who knows, maybe you face the same pain I did, feeling that excess weight and lack of fitness are interfering with your professional success and family happiness. 

Or may be, same as me you’ve had enough with all those weird sagging, pilling, ripping, ugly, stupid tights and leggings out there. 

Maybe you are simply FINALLY READY for a PAIR OF PERFECT LEGS! 🙂

Like no matter what’s going on in the world, you can look down at ANY TIME and you will see A PAIR OF PERFECT LEGS! YOUR LEGS!

If that’s not a relief, I don’t know what is!

Be on the lookout for the next chapter tomorrow with a link to your pair of castor oil powered Perfect Tights® at a partner price, an offer for Fashion Inventors only.

Much love,


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