Chapter 342: Fashion Project Givers’ Jacket

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While lots of mentors are sleepwalking, deploying common strategies of student attraction by showing them expensive cars, homes and helicopters, that are not even theirs but are rented for a shooting, Akbar Sheikh is already changing the world one student at the time.

His message is clean and powerful.

His message is the reason why I joined Akbar Sheik’s mastermind.

His message resonated with me on such a deep level, that I’ve instantly decided to do what I do best, namely to design a very special jacket for Akbar’s mastermind.

As a fashion inventor I am not impressed by swag garments out there.

Most of them are really cheap and most importantly do not represent the cause.

My mission was to create something very special.

It had to be a jacket that carries the mission of Akbar’s cause in its very heart.

It was very clear to me, that we are taking about a pilot jacket.

Akbar is the pilot of his own life, and this is what he teaches his students,

to take the steering wheel of their aircraft into their own hands,

And carry blessings, teachings, and wealth to those who need it.

It is a high quality, and high integrity mastermind, all this had to be reflected in the pilot jacket of the Giver’s Club.

I’ve chosen the clean fitted style of a pilot jacket, carried out in high quality Japanese faux suede, with very present lines of black metallic YKK zippers.

Those zippers are like widows of responsibility.

Undeniable, worn with pride and integrity, and full of fearlessness to be opened at any moment the world needs us.

It had to be a lightweight garment, executed using new technologies.

Even though Akbar’s mission is old and noble as the world, I felt it deserves a new implementation, to shake people awake.

We’ve used textile bonding technology, allowing us to carry out this garment without any old fashion lining, while being fully lined.

Bonding of two textiles represents the process of bonding between the people of our world.


We have used the laser cut technology, to perpetuate Akbar’s mission in fire.


Thank you, Akbar, for your guidance and inspiration!

Julia Antufjew

The Fashion Invention Bootcamp

FB Cover 200518

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