Chapter 341: No more hiding under the skirt of a dummy.

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I give you three seconds to find me in this picture.

And once you’ve found me, there is no more hiding.

I am supposed to change my life in the next 30 days.

On May 11 my mentor Akbar Sheikh voxxed me with the following message:

“Julia, you’ve got a lot going on. Focus is what you need. You need accountability. You need focus. The accountability program we’ve created is for people just like you. This is going totally change everything for you. I absolutely guarantee that. I want you to try it. This will be the best month of your entire career. I know this is going to work so well for you ,and will really move your business forward. I am hand selecting a few people that I know we can help crush it, and help to make them a success story. Let me know  what you think Julia, but I think it will be a total game changer.”

What do I do? Do I join? Or is it simply another way to spread myself thin?

Or have I been hiding under the skirt of a dummy for too long, and it’s time to embrace my love and passion?

While my head is doubting, fingers are typing: “Thank you Akbar. Let’s do it for 30 days. I am looking forward launching my Fashion Invention Bootcamp and having 10 beta students by the end of the 30 days!”

Sent and out!

Tomorrow is my accountability onboarding call. Not nervous at all. I am in a flow.

The Fashion Invention Bootcamp will go live on 30th of May.

I know exactly what I am doing. My first language. My passion. My love.

The waitlist page is there for everyone who wants to be notified when the doors are open.

The order page is there for everyone who wants to enroll now.

The price for beta students is super super super crazy attractive.

Places are going fast!

One place out of 10 is already taken. I have my first student, an incredible creative spirit from the Blue Skies of Mongolia!

No more hiding! Embracing! Allowing passion to enter!

FB Cover 200518

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