Chapter 340: A fashion invention inside of you!

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Let me ask you this one question:

Do you wear clothes?

If you do – you have a fashion invention inside of you.

And today I will prove it to you.

My name is Julia Antufjew, I am a fashion inventor and a fitness enthusiast, and I help you turn your passion into an idea, and your idea into a physical product, into your very own fashion invention.

Let’s start!

You wear clothes, don’t you?

If you do – you have a fashion invention inside of you.

Have you noticed that I am not even asking whether you love clothes?

Because even if you hate clothes – it means that there may be an even better fashion invention inside of you.

Both love and hate are great passions.

And passion is the mother of all inventions.

The greater your passion – the better invention you will bring to life.

What is a fashion invention?

A fashion invention is a unique or novel type of garment, method, composition or process that solves a well-defined real or imaginary need.

It may be an improvement upon an existing garment, a new process for creating a garment or a new type of garment altogether.

An invention that achieves a completely unique function or result may be a radical breakthrough.

And I am blessed with the opportunity to help you with your radical breakthrough!

But how do you become a fashion inventor?

Let me show you a little exercise which will kick you into the invention gears.

I will show you two different protocols today.

There are more than two, but I will show you two.

You can practice it at home by yourself, or you join my waitlist for the Fashion Invention Bootcamp and receive the most entertaining gift you’ve ever had: a FREE Discovery Call with me.

On this call we will dive into the amazing world of fashion invention, and in 60 minutes I will help you to define yours.

My schedule is getting filled very quick, so act now to claim your free call.

Ok, let’s look at the first type of invention: Invention out of love.

Please answer the following question: What fashion category, what type of garment do you love most?

Men garments, women garments, kids, swimwear, athletic apparel.

Pick one broad category first, then narrow it down.

What specific category is it?

Dresses? Blouses?

Tops? Trousers?

May be accessories, scarves or bets.

What do you have a lot of?

What can’t you get enough of?

For me it is tights.

I love tights and I have huge amount of tights.

I also love sports clothes and I have lots of those.

Now that you know what fashion category you love; the next question is:

Question #2: What is it you absolutely hate about it? What is your biggest pain with your favorite fashion category?

Speaking about tights, I hate that most of them don’t stay in place and always slide down.

You need to pull them up every 100 steps.

It is uncomfortable and it looks weird.

I hate that the back rise is often too short and the front rise too high.

So, you can put front rise far over your breasts, while back rise does barely cover your butt.

I absolutely can’t stand the fact that tights very easily rip.

I am dreading sagging knees, pilling surfaces, animal hair and dust clinging to the surface of black tights, color bleeding, sweating and itching.

What else? I don’t like the fact that I cannot exercise in tights.

I love cross functional garments and want to be able to exercise in my tights.

A crazy idea, but is it my game isn’t it? 😊

Once you figured out what it is you hate about the garment category you love, the last question is – How do you want it to be?

How do I want my tights to be?

They have to be shape enhancing and flattering: hide belly, hide fat rolls, hide skin bumps, lift up and keep stuff in place.

They have to have great fit: no sliding down, no rolling waist, no sagging fit, no losing shape, good sizing.

They have to feel nice to the skin: not too hot, not itchy.

They have to be durable: not easy to rip.

They have to be to be suitable for gym / work out.

And if I want to play out all my dreams and aspirations, they have to have an energizing function.

I put them on – and they energize me.

Crazy ha?

How am I supposed to realize that?

A pair of tights like this does not exist.

Or shall I say did not exist until I’ve invented it and called Perfect Tights® by Coco Tomatl®.

At the moment you ask: What do I hate about my favorite garment category? How do I want it to be? This is the moment when you start inventing your life-changing fashion product.

And my role is to support you on this journey and help you turn your passion into an idea, and your idea into a physical product.

Your very own core fashion product.

Your very own fashion invention.

Let’s move on.

The second type of invention is Invention out of hate.

Question #1: What garment category do you hate?

(A garment you have to wear, but you absolutely hate it).

For me (an I would love to see your face right now), for me it’s underwear.

I have to wear it, but I absolutely hate it!

Question #2: What do you hate about this garment category?

So many things for me though.

Hate # 1: General quality of the underwear.
Those elastic trims on the top and around the leg holes, they easily rip and become undone, hanging around like bangs of a crazy pony, impossible to repair.

You buy a new pair; wash it one time and the bangs are hanging.

Hate #2: Material.

Lots of polyesters, laces, meshes, that are not suitable for undergarment.

They are not perspiration friendly, and they are itchy to the skin.

There is huge amount of transparent underwear on the market.

Transparent underwear to me is like a transparent door in the public toilet.

Looks nice but you can’t clime a tree with it.

And yes. I want to climb trees.

Hate #3: Sizing.

I don’t know whether I should be laughing or crying.

Huge leg holes going up to one’s belly in combination with a very narrow crotch area.

Or very narrow leg holes with elastic so tight that it almost cuts off your breath.

Hate #4:
Styles vs. Designs available.

If not transparent, a thong, a G-string or a little lace number (which often look nice but are unwearable to me) – all the rest is extremely ugly.

So now that you know what you really hate about this garment category.

Let’s answer the question: What do you want to have instead?

I want to have a pair of underwear that I can wear on the top of my tights if I want.

Do you know this moment when you wake up in the morning and someone is ringing your doorbell?

I want to have a pair of underwear I am fine with opening the door.

I want to have a pair of underwear I am fine with if my skirt goes Marilyn Monroe up into the sky.

The one I can run with, jump with, climb the trees, that looks great, makes me feel protected, but young and alive.

I’ve never seen underwear like this.

That’s until I’ve invented it.

We are prototyping it right now.

So, let me know if it resonates and you want to have a pair.

These are the three easy questions, that help you to draft your life-changing fashion invention.

#1: What garment category do you love?

#2: What do you hate about it?

#3: How do you want it to be?


#1: What garment category do you hate (but still wear it, because you have no choice)?

#2: What do you hate about it?

#3: How do you want it to be?

If you love or hate a garment category so much, you are most certainly not the only one, and there are plenty of men and women with the same problem, praying for a solution.

So, once you launch your new invention, people will thank you for that!

My role in this intricate dance is to help you to pick the most viable of your ideas and to help you implement it in a physical product.

If you want me to be your guide through this process – schedule join the waitlist for the upcoming Fashion Invention Bootcamp and jump on a FREE Discovery Call with me, where I help you to turn your passion into a fashion invention idea.

Much love,


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