Chapter 339: Only 9 spots left

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Yesterday night something extremely exciting happened to me.

12 hours after I’ve finally dared to post my waitlist funnel for the Fashion Invention Bootcamp (to be launched end of May), a client contacted me and asked for the payment link.

– I want in, – she said. Now!

– There is no payment link yet. I haven’t made the offer funnel yet, just the waitlist funnel.

– I don’t care. Please give me the link. I want in!

As a side note of explanation: I am in Shanghai right now, and there are 12 hours time difference between me and my client. When she wrote to me, I was sleeping already.

For a second I deliberated whether I should make my client wait till tomorrow. But then a force of amazement kicked me out of bed.

When I sent the offer funnel to my client, middle in the night, it was far from neat. It was a functioning funnel with wrong pictures all over the place and not coherent colors. The only thing that worked well was the ‘Enroll Now’ button…

And she joined my program!

You have to understand that it happens to me for the first time. I was spending ages enhancing my websites with little to no sales. Listening to people who would recommend to change button colors to improve website performance.

Until I offered a program that is based on my True Genius. It is not even launched yet, and students are joining already.

This is the first time since I immersed into the world of funnels, that I truly understand what my mentor Russell means by the power of the right offer! It is all about the right offer. I don’t know about you – but for me is a true Kenshō!

P.S. Only 9 spots are left in Fashion Invention Bootcamp at the current intro price!
Next time the price will double. If you feel like joining my first Beta Group of Fashion Inventors – please sign up for the waiting list, and I will send you an invitation to a Discovery Call with me.

During this call in 3 easy questions I will show you your very own life-changing fashion invention!

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