Chapter 229: Did I catch the virus?

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One call can change everything. One call. One person. One decision to wear a mask. One decision to take a flight. In moments like this I realize that all our decisions are worth to take responsibility for.

– Hello? Julia Antufjew?

– Flight MU554 on 11th of March 2020?

– Yes.

– This is Shanghai CDC, Coronavirus prevention center. You had a Corona case on board.

– ?!!

– Do you have any symptoms? Fever? Caugh? Shortness of breath?

– No. I don’t. What happened?

– One passenger from your flight has been tested positively for Coronavirus.

– What seat? – my thoughts are perfectly clear. The very possibility of this conversation crossed my mind yesterday before I went to sleep. Still, it all sounds a bit surreal.

– Front of the plane. Where were you seated?

– Back of the plane.

– This is a sufficient distance but no guarantee. You need to be quarantined for 14 days.

– Ok. Can I be quarantined in my hotel?

– The quarantine committee of your district will contact you and inform you whether you can stay in your hotel or need to go to a designated quarantine facility. Have a good night.

– You too … Thank you for calling me …

Surreal … The thoughts are running through my head like little children after much sugar. I take a deep breath. No, don’t feel anything. I take out the thermometer (yes I do have one in my purse) and measure my body temperature.

36.2 C. Is good.

I have to call my father … He needs to cancel his upcoming business trip … It only takes one passenger … Mom should not know about it .. She will worry … I sense fear. Not overwhelming, light, somewhat hiding, but it is there. I take the phone and call my husband.

Did I catch the virus?


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