Chapter 228: 7 challenges of wearing a face mask

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While travelling from Berlin to Shanghai earlier this week I’ve spent 24 hours wearing a face mask … Here are the insights. Have fun reading!

✌️Challenge #2: When you put on a mask – the first and imminent challenge is … to put on a mask … in a place where no one wears one.

When you put it on – you experience a short awkward moment feeling millions of eyes staring at you in judgement.

This is how it is in life. If you dare anything in any field – you will be noticed by an army of real and imaginary disapprovers.

Transforming the energy of real and imaginary disapproval into something useful is the REAL challenge and the key to happiness.

👌Challenge #3 two are foggy glasses. When you wear a mask together with glasses, humidity of your breath makes glasses foggy. Interestingly, I’ve got used to it quite fast. Once your glasses get the temperature of your breath, they clean up.

🖖 Insight #4. I call it insight because it is not a challenge for me. But if your breath smells of a durian, you will experience a severe aha moment, latest when you start talking while wearing your mask.

🖐 Challenge #5: shortness of air supply. Eventually you get used to it. Running in a mask – sucks and … you get used to it too.

🤙Challenge #6 started when I started writing this post. It was terrible, unsolvable, unbearable … But it vanished once I learned to ignore it: itchy nose. Yes. You can’t scratch your nose wearing a mask.

🤙☝️And for desert: challenge #7. When you wear a mask – no one knows that you are smiling 

I am very fortunate to have made this experience. Because everyone who’d like to repeat it, faces a current challenge number #1: to buy a face mask.

In Germany face masks have been all sold out by the beginning of February 2020. At the time when I left to Shanghai – the prices for one one way mask in Germany went up to EUR 20. Speaking of low consciousness confusing suffering for inelastic demand.

What is your biggest challenge when wearing a face mask?

P.S. Forgot to mention. My weird hairdo is not an inspiration. It is a necessity while wearing a mask  Otherwise I look like a yeti with hair all over the place. And glasses keep falling off 🧐 At customs while looking for my passport – my glasses fell of into the hands of the customs clerk. We both had a good laugh.

I think now I’ve listed them all.

Much love, Julia


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