Chapter 227: Corona… plain truth.

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ATTENTION: My plain truth ahead. If you faint easily – don’t read. 😊

I have not seen, heared, read, smelled or touched any person, men or woman, who’s loved one would be down with COVID-19, talking about how stupid it is to take all the measures possible to stop further spread of the virus.

Everyone comparing chances to be infected by Corona to being eaten by a shark, die of common flu or chance of an alien abduction is … healthy. And I am very happy about that, and sincerely wish it stays this way.

In one of the countries on our mother Earth people of a whole condominium complex have threatened to burn down the whole complex if local government does not remove the ONE single lady infected with Corona, living in the very same complex.

Too dramatic? Ok. How about that:

Imagine you hear that your neighbour, whom you’ve been talking for 30 minutes on the street yesterday, (and yes you hugged cause you are such good neighbours) is down with Corona after coming back from a ski vacation in Italy.

Will you think: Oh my poor neighbour? No. You will think, why didn’t he tell me that he has been to a high risk country? I have my family here. My parents are not 35 anymore. They are at risk. Why wouldn’t this dude just freaking tell me!

Even better, you might think why did he go to Italy in the first place this stupid idiot! It is Corona all over the place! Wouldn’t you think he is just a careless person, who is only looking for his own comfort and fun, jeopardizing lives of YOUR family?

Before judging and sharing any opinions, please think for a second – would you have the very same opinion if your words would infect your loved one? Even if you know “for sure” that the chances to die of Corona are lower than the chances to be abducted by an alien …

P.S. It is all over the place that we should only listen to people who have done it, otherwise it is blind leading the blind. Well, guess what? I am supporting all the measures possible to stop the virus until a bunch of Corona survivors tells me it is absolutely unnecessary.

P.P.S. By the way. The chance of alien abduction? You heavily underestimate it!

Much love, Julia


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