Chapter 226: The Best Motivational Video I Have Ever Made…

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We forget about our victories. 



Dragging around a smoggy veil of discontent.

Discontent with ourselves.


No reason but shortage of our memory.

Because each and every one of us has accomplished GREAT THINGS!

It is just easy to forget our greatness, our victories.

Each and every time I feel the veil of dissatisfaction enveloping me –

I watch this video.

Coco, thank you for pushing me to make it!

What looks like amazing 30 pounds drop, jumping rope and wearing Perfect Tights®,
Is actually a major REALITY SHIFT, a real time-lapse of me shedding off great weight of my limiting beliefs!

The words I am singing are TRUE: My life did change because of those two simple things … !!!

Much love,


P.S. Just in case you are wondering, Jane Rene Maria is my pen name. I’ve taken on a pen name because I was terrified to be not good enough … I am not anymore. 😊

P.P.S. CLICK HERE for your pair of Perfect Tights® and my SIX awesome gifts for you!

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