Chapter 230: Alone on the whole floor? Sounds to me like a ‘Shining’ experience.

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– Alone on the whole floor? Sounds to me like a ‘Shining’ experience. – my sister is laughing while falling asleep. She is a doctor, running crazy shifts, preparing for the virus to reach North-East Germany. I pray it won’t.
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‘Shining’ she said? Speaking of which, why does this slender brown massage chair in the corner carries my Chinese name, Youlia? Why when I entered the room, TV went on by itself, singing and crying like a rutting elephant? 6 hours later it is still on. I can’t turn it off …

Scared? Don’t be. I exaggerated a bit. I did turn the TV off, even though it took me 15 minutes.

So, my sister and I are on the phone and I just told her that hotel where I am staying did reallocate me to the 12th floor early in the morning.

– Why did they do that? – my sis is puzzled.

– Because I am a threat for other guests and hotel staff. It is better to have me far away from everybody, so that other guests and people working in the hotel feel safe.

– Really?

– Well if you need another reason, how about that: Because I want to drum and sing, and it is only possible if I have a full floor at my disposal.

– Ah, ok. But they still bring you food, don’t they?

– Yes. Hotel staff brings me food and leaves it at the door. Once they’re gone, I open the door. I very much respect my care takers’ right for safety, and appreciate their help immensely.

Once a fellow passenger on our plane tested positive for Coronavirus, three days after my arrival, I’ve been called by the Shanghai quarantine committee, and put into a 14 days quarantine. Today is day 4, living like a queen as the only guest on the whole 12th floor of a nice riverside hotel overlooking mother river Suzhou He.

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The feeling of being an infection suspect is weird. Initially I felt like a criminal who’s been exposed to her community. But it changed through polite and warm-hearted behavior of all people involved.

I’ve been assigned a doctor, and report my body temperature twice a day, at 9 am and at 1:30 pm. I’ve got a disinfection kit to disinfect everything that goes out of the room. There is internet and convenient food delivery.

4 people are taking care of me: a doctor, two hotel managers, a gentleman who is bringing up food and papers to sign.

After initial shock, kind messages by friends and family empowered me to shed off the fear and to turn the whole situation to a fun experience.

Very grateful and at peace. Wait. Let me check … Body temperature 35.8 C. Breathe in. Breathe out. No. Nothing. Yes I feel at peace. 💖

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