– Peekaboo, – said the little quicksilver monster and disappeared.

– Where are you? Do you hear me? Where are you? I know you are here!

– Peekaboo!

– Wait! Don’t disappear! I don’t have time. I have to reply to the doctor! It is bad enough that I’ve overslept. This jet lag! I am supposed to give an up-date at 9 am, and now is 9:30, wait, not 9:38! OMG! Where are you?

– Peekaboo!

– You idiot! Come back! Just freaking tell me what temperature I have!

– Ok. Ok. – The little quicksilver smiles and his little teeth sparkle like tiny tiny sliver stars. – 36.7 C. Your body temperature is 36.7 C.

– Really? Show me!

– Peekaboo!


Those of you who’ve ever used a quicksilver thermometer to measure your body temperature, knows that reading it is a true art.

I am in 14 days quarantine and body temperature is to be reported to a doctor twice a day: at 9 am and 1:30 pm.


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