Chapter 332: Take in the Force …

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Close your eyes.

Take a deep breath.

Feel the force of life filling up your lungs.

Feel the goosebumps ascending from your kneecaps, through your thighs towards your expanding chest.

Feel the warmth of your fresh, spring water clean blood in your cheeks, gentle red as the cheeks of a nomadic child.

Feel your chest expand. More. More. More. Even more.

Feel the tears boiling up, tears of joy and relief.

Feel your lips getting warm in a dance of a smile.

And then listen and hear my boisterous drum, singing flamboyant song of your limitless health.

Dzom. Dzom. Dzom. Dzom. Dzom. Dzom.

Do you hear it? It’s me. I am with you. You’re the force.



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