Chapter 333: Country cross across a hotel room …

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Do you see this little blue spot?

This is me running a 2.5 km cross across 24 m3 quarantine hotel room.

Does it work?


My normal average speed when running cross-country is 7.22 min per km.

It is not the greatest time ever, but way much better than 10 min / km I’ve initially started with.

Here in the hotel room my time is 33 min per km. And no, I have no patience to finish a run like this. 2.5 km run takes 1 hour 22 minutes. Who has patience for that? Not to mention that I do stumble over my luggage every 10 meters.

Ok. No running till the end of the quarantine. Just body weight training and rope jumping. 3 – 4 times a day. Fitness quarantine. I am in a fitness quarantine.



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