Chapter 215: Why Baby J? I am not a baby!

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Funny question. Why Baby J? Coco calls me that. She calls me Baby J.

You see – I am not a baby. You know me. If you don’t know me – at least you’ve seen my pictures.

I am not a baby.

But the weirdest thing on Earth is that each and every time she calls me that – I feel safe…

I did not feel safe for a very long time. Do you feel safe? I did not!

Nothing is granted. Nothing is carved in stone but old sumerian writings.

World as we know it? Not granted.

People around us? Gone tomorrow.

Steady source of income? An oxymoron.

The best analogy I can find for our lives, is us being long distance swimmer-snipers, swimming in a restless everchanging ocean; trying to aim for love, peace, security, health, friendship, while keeping our head above water and dealing with waves.

Nothing is granted but this endless ocean. Not even our sniper rifle.

Middle in this ocean my mentor Coco called me Baby J. And out of a sudden I felt SAFE!

She did not give me a raft. But she gave me the endless certainty that she will swim next to me forever in a way every mother forever is a part of her child.

I learned from Coco that this is exactly the type of mentor I want to be to my perfect queens, my fitness warriors, women who play Queen’s Quest with me in a pursue for fitness, fearlessness and freedom.

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