Chapter 63: When an old bridge is broken…

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Some rivers can’t be crossed if no bridge. The bridge was dismembered weeks ago. Some times once old bridges are dismembered – new ways emerge. Six weeks after bridge has been demolished she found six different new ways. One long. Another long. One short. Another short. One even shorter. And one very short and extremely messy. The one long and another long where actually the most sophisticated ones. All dressed in concrete and covered with puddles during rain. Another four have been so-to-speak adventurous ones, all possessing different degree of messiness. It was not recommended taking them during rain. All of those adventurous ways went through the fields. The chances of falling into some huge or a bit smaller mud-hole were very significant. Still she took a gamble once and then. Tonight as well.

Her favorite adventurous road went through the fields, through a hole in a fence, alongside a dog cabin, turning into a narrow path with a huge slippery mud-hole to her left and a second hole in a fence, as if crowning the whole journey. In the darkness of the winter night she arrived at the end of her path to find a huge old mattress covering the final fence hole.

– What are you doing here? – She asked the mattress. – Aren’t you supposed to be in bed?

Mattress did not reply. Determined she pushed mattress aside and went through the hole. No mattress can stop her! At home she washed her hands till elbows and brushed her teeth. No idea about the teeth, but touching old mattresses can be quite disgusting. She took her jump rope and went out. Yellow full moon. Darkness. Coldness. Some kind of lightness.

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