Chapter 62: Why eating rotten food may be the next hit.

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For the past three weeks I am very much following the single ingredient diet. Single ingredient diet means eating food consisting of one single ingredient. Fruits, vegetables, unprocessed meet etc. I almost stopped eating processed food (which happened kind of naturally). Wasa crackers and blueberry jam the last processed things in my recent diet.

Anyway, today I decided to give in and have a dinner with one of my friends. We went out and had some soup. This soup eventually formed a nice stone in my stomach. 🙂 I think I will stick to my single ingredient diet, as I have stones enough in my bag already. So I am back to unprocessed stuff.

But as if it was not complicated enough, unprocessed stuff may as well be very much processed. Some experts are actually advising to look for signs of product decay to ensure it is unprocessed. If a fruit or a vegetable is rotting it means it is free of chemicals mummifying our single ingredient food and prolonging its shelf life. 🙂 This will be one funny diet my friends, a very funny one indeed.

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