Chapter 338: Everybody has a Super Power.

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Everybody has a Super Power. A True Genius.

How to figure out what it is?

It is something you can talk about for hours without any preparation.

It is something you can answer questions about if someone wakes you up in the middle of the night.

It is something you experience a total state of FLOW while doing.

It is something you love.

It is something you are great at. Not good. But truly great.

It is something you can teach.

Fashion invention is my absolute Super Power.

I am great at inventing and manufacturing new fashion products.

13 years running my own production, helping more than 200 emerging fashion designers to start from zero is a great school and a perfect playground.

I’ve been shy about my True Genius for a long time.

Same way you are shy about your Super Power thinking it is nothing to write home about.

Yes, I know you have a Super Power, most likely even more than one.

And yes, I know that you are shy about it.

“It’s nothing.” – you use to say, when people are complimenting you on it.

The great news is – it is not “nothing”. It is a great BLESSING.

I’ve been shy about my Super Power for a long time.

Until today.

Today I am celebrating it!

Today I’ve decided to follow my dream and start a Fashion Invention Bootcamp.

A program where entrepreneurs, online store owners and fashion enthusiasts like you, become fashion inventors and fashion label owners.

This program is for people who are ready to dive into the flow of their natural creativity and create a life changing fashion gadget, a product that truly solves customers’ needs, a product you can be truly proud of.

The program will start with a beta run for 10 participants.

In 12 easy steps every participant is going to invent her life-changing fashion product.

I will be supporting my students through the whole process, making sure that everyone graduates with a fully prototyped fashion invention, ready to be presented to the market.

I’ve set up a waitlist on my page If you’d love to be my first beta student – please join the list.

Currently I am recording the training modules of the Fashion Invention Bootcamp and preparing for the beta launch, eager to start as soon as possible!

Let me know what you think about it!

Much love,


Credits: All dresses on the top of this page are designed by LUCABUZAS and made by our QUANTUMFACTORY team.

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