Chapter 337: End of the quarantine. The rice fields called home.

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I am home.

These rice fields know me.

They sing seeing me arrive, their arms wide open, caressing my hair with warm gentle wind.

Copper red front door. Smiling faces of my team. Garments. Boxes. Sewing machines. Cutting knives. Patterns. I missed you all.

Going out of the hotel quarantine today I felt like an earthling on a new discovered exoplanet.

Can I use a cab? Without this infamous barcode (which I have no idea how to set up)?

Let’s see. Yes I can!

Can I pay in cash? (Who knows, may be cash is not accepted anymore.) Yes, I can! And I even get a present from the taxi driver – a new, radiant blue 10 yuan banknote. Such a blessing!

Let’s see. Are restaurants open? Yes, they are.

Can I get in? After my temperature is taken, I am welcome inside.

How am I going to eat wearing a mask? Oh, we are allowed to take it off. All tables are placed on a 2 meters safe distance from each other.

Will people complain about foreigners in their proximity? It looks like everyone is happy and feels safe.

I have a delicious lunch in Japanese fusion restaurant with a dear friend of mine.

At 2 pm I go back to hotel, pick up my luggage and drive home.


To the green rice fields that have taught me to fall in love with every single day of my life.


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