Chapter 336: Quarantine day 14. Booking book progress.

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I knew it would happen. I knew Coco would call me and ask where in the whole world is my book.

– Book? I am writing it.

– Writing ha? You have 14 days to finish my dear Baby J. Love you. Bye. – Beep. Beep. Beep.

What? 14 days? My goodness. It is one thing to sit in the front of the closed hotel room door, waiting diligently for quarantine to be over. And it is a totally different one to finish a 200 pages book in 14 days!

Technically it is already written. I need to edit it and voila. This voila lasts forever. No wonder Coco is giving me a tight deadline.

Five minutes later I sit in front of the computer editing. Did you know that it is impossible to edit a book and listen to Audible at the same time? Neither is it possible to edit a book and watch a movie at the same time. Editing a book means doing exactly that – editing a book.

The last day of quarantine turns out to be one of the most productive days. In one breath I finish editing 40 chapters out of 200. And most importantly I feel inspired to see whether I can keep my new found enthusiasm and focus, applying a 14 days deadline to other important projects. My hotel quarantine ends tomorrow, and tomorrow do I start a new one – a book quarantine. 14 days.

Ok. Book. Book. Book. What steps do I need to take to finish the book? 🤔


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