Chapter 335: Quarantine day 12. The sacred door.

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We have three little rescue dogs. They came with us from China to Germany. Street dogs from China are different to house born German dogs. They do not trust people. They won’t get close to people, and if you happen to touch them — they’ll bite you.

It took my parents 18 months of frequent interaction with my dogs and tons of food, until those little cuties have allowed to pet them. For us it is a great relieve, because now we can bring our dogs over to my parents if we need to travel.

So. Now, each and every time our dogs stay at my parents’ place, after they’ve eaten everything that they could eat, they go to the front door, sit in front of the front door, look at the front door waiting for us to come back and to pick them up.

It does not matter how long we are staying away, one hour or the full day, our dogs will sit in front of the front door and wait.

I don’t quite understand why. But today I understood how, meaning I understood the feeling keeping my dogs at the front door.

Day 13 of my quarantine I mentally sit in front of the front door, look at the door and wait to be able to get out.

I am exercising, writing my book, loading up my fitness game to the online members’ area, eat, drink, take shower, talk to friends and family, meditate, sing karaoke. BUT at no time does the mental door disappear out of my inner eye.


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