Chapter 370: I am yet to meet people who are looking forward to going to the toilet.

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I’ve had enough of your complaints about daily exercise.

You skip days, and keep nagging about lack of motivation.

Getting clarity requires fitness.

Getting fit requires discipline.

It also requires evaluation of your actions and strategical adjustments of the course.

Same as successful business.

But there is more to it.

You have to either enjoy the process, or to ignore the process.

Have you ever thought along these lines?

“Shall I?

Or may be not?

It’s raining today.

Not the best day to go for it.

I feel exhausted.

Maybe I deserve a break?

Ok, I will give myself a break today and won’t do it.

Not healthy?

Well, one day does not make a weather.

It is ok.

I can go tomorrow…

to the toilet…”

Have you ever thought like that about … GOING TO THE TOILET?

I am yet to meet people who are looking forward to going to the toilet.

I’ve also never met a single person who hates going to the toilet, not to mention who dreads going the to toilet.

All people I know, including myself don’t pay much attention to the process.

They simply go without any second thought.

Daily exercise should follow the same pattern.

Stop thinking about it. Just freaking go.

Enjoy the process or ignore it.

Yours, Coco

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