Chapter 129: Romance with Pepsi Cola

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It is summer.

It is hot.

And Pepsi is calling…

It happens that Pepsi taste is closely associated with vacation in my overheated brain…

So, it is not a soft drink. Soft drink is not sexy.

It is a vacation feeling I have to fight against.

I will need to experiment with some cold fruit teas.

Strawberry fruit tea on ice…

Has a direct association with the best times of my childhood…

There was no ice, but still it was cold enough…

Ok goal for the next 7 days: find a way to have a cold strawberry tea on my side at any occasion to stop craving Pepsi.

Coco sent me some acupressure exercises as well, designed to eliminate cravings.

So next you will find me doing acupressure while drinking a cold strawberry tea.

Any other suggestions? Let me know!

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