There is this sadness which comes and claims a day.

– I feel sad Coco.

– Yes you do. We always do when they are leaving.

– Who are they?

– The old ways. The old habits. If you let your sadness flow – she will tell you her name…

I let my sadness flow and she shows me her face, pale, almost transparent skin with fine blue veins pulsating in her temples.

– My name is Victim, – her lips are moving, no sound is spoken, yet I understand every word. – I am leaving, – she says; ever so fragile; arms like slender willows on her sides…

– I understand…

– I am afraid… – She says.

– So am I…

– I will never see you again… – she sighs.

– No, you won’t…

– I go now?…

– Farewell…

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