Chapter 131: Brutal Focus: Where You Want to Be Is 10 Steps Away…

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– How long is the distance between where I am and where I want to be, Coco?

– 10 steps. 10 actions. Where you want to be is 10 steps away. On a day of extreme clarity we all are able to write out these steps. In fact writing out the steps is an easy task. While writing out our 10 steps we are using it all: our intellect, our intuition, our experience, knowledge, our best judgment.

– If it is only 10 steps away, why am I not there yet?

– Because you never get as far as step number 3.

– Why?

– Because you lack focus. Although you have made your plan using your intellect, intuition and best judgment, you start doubting yourself. You allow your own doubts and doubts of others to contaminate your plan. This is where you stop acting upon your 10 steps and lose momentum. To get through 10 steps you need brutal focus.

– What is brutal focus?

– Brutal focus is an invisible connection between you and your target, like a thick invisible rope connecting you to and pulling you towards your goal through space and time. Brutal focus is the ability to ignore your fears, your doubts, and the white noise created by people around you in favor of action. Brutal focus is the action of moving forward according to your 10 steps plan no matter what your head or somebody else’s head is freaking out about along the way.

– How do I know if I have this brutal focus?

– You can feel it as an invisible connection between your solar plexus and your goal. You can feel the pull.

– Is there an easier explanation for me to understand?

– Make a 10 steps plan to your goal and act upon it every day no matter what. ACT UPON IT EVERY DAY NO MATTER WHAT!

– For how long?

– For as long as it takes to get through your 10 steps plan, Jane!

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