Chapter 126: Cute Little Snoring Bird (lil story)

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I snore.

It would sound more elegant if I would not.

I blame ecology.

And I would never find out if she would not tell me…

Who is she?

She – is my pretty, size 0 roommate for two weeks.

Now we are friends.

May be…

But back then she said: “You snore”…

“I can’t sleep because you snore” – she said this as well…

I did not know quite what answer would be appropriate.

So I said: “Luckily you do not snore…”

“Yes, I am a Quiet Little Sleeper” – was her answer.

“What does it make me?” – I thought…

“How about a Loud Fat Snoring […]? – I thought

I still blame ecology for such thoughts…

I have got a single room and lost 30 pounds.

I still snore.

But it is different now…

I feel different now…

I feel like … like a Cute Little Snoring Bird!

A wild one…

And this is amazing.

And weird… kind of…

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