Chapter 125: My Scary Weight is 350 Pounds!!! Find Out Yours!

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According to the estimates by United Nations the average American adult consumes 3,770 calories each day. In contrast, most health-care professionals consider normal calorie consumption (i.e., the amount of calories needed to maintain body weight) to be around 2,000 calories daily for women and 2,550 for men.

What does it mean? It means that an average American adult may continue gaining weight up to 425 pounds. 425 pounds is the scary weight requiring 3770 calories a day for its maintenance.

I have been consuming 3200 calories per day while needing 1750 only. If I would not stop – my scary weight would be 350 pounds.

What is your scary weight? 1) Figure out how many calories is you current daily average 2) Figure out which weight does this average maintain. This will be the weight you may finally end up with. Good luck!

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