Chapter 124: Just eat this cake! No cake has ever stopped a warrior!

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– Is it possible to lose weight without adjusting your diet?

– Yes.

– How?

– Exercise 3 hours or more a day, every day for one full year. You will lose about 30-40 pounds in one year time. (I am talking about girls here, not about guys. Guys are losing weight faster).

[Are you still reading? Good.]

– Is it possible to lose weight without adjusting your diet?

– No.

– But you just said yes few seconds before.

– I simplified.

– How is that?

– Once you start exercising 3 hours a day – very soon your body stops craving and appreciating any processed food. Automatically. So technically your body adjusts your diet through exercise.

– I don’t have 3 hours a day to exercise.

– Then you need to adjust your diet.

[Are you still reading? Excellent!]

– Can I lose weight without exercising?

– No.

– Why not? I can stop eating and then I will lose weight.

– Try fasting for 24 hours and come back. It is way much more difficult to do than to say. Enforced restrictions in food consumption do not work.

– Why?

– Because enforced restrictions cause suffering. And you will never ever lose any weight while suffering. In fact – you will not get anything done in your life while suffering…

[I know you are still reading, because this is when Coco tells me this final weird secret.]

– What to do?

– Exercise 60 minutes every day. Jump rope. Log everything you eat. Log your exercise amount. Avoid processed food. Avoid alcohol. Form intent to stop smoking (in case you smoke). 4 weeks down the road you will stop craving processed food, 8 weeks down the road your stomach with shrink in size. 12 weeks down the road processed food will make you to feel nauseous. You will lose 60 to 80 pounds in the next 12 months. Start today. You are a warrior. So start behaving like one.

– What if I want to have a cake?

– Then you go and have one. No cake has ever stopped a warrior!

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