Chapter 123: Peeing into a gas tank… (Forgotten conversation)

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– Have you ever tried to pee into your gas tank J?

– Noooha!!! What?!! Have you Coco?!

– Not into my own… But into a neighbor’s gas tank, once…

– What?! Like how?

– Standing of course. You can’t do it while squatting, can you?

– I don’t know!

– Sure thing! Standing! Peed all over myself though… Anyway, this is not the point.

– WOW! What is?!

– Well, I prefer not to pee into my gas tank because it can ruin my car. Don’t you agree?

– I guess so…

– So, how is putting all this rubbish processed junk food into your beautiful, irreplaceable, Ferrari-like body is different from peeing into your gas tank?

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