– Think about food in terms of food, J. Don’t think about food in terms of reward. Food is no reward. Food is just food. It is delicious, much needed, and fun to eat but it is not a reward. If you fast for two days and feel like eating a cake day after – just eat it. It is a cake. You want it – you eat it. It is not a reward. There is nothing to be rewarded for. There will be days where you will succeed at 8/16 fasting. There will be days where you will be eating at maintenance. There will even be days (few!) where you will be over budget. This is all good, and right, and normal. You eat stuff, you jump it off. Enjoy your food! It is a blessing to have food on the table. It is all great. Just know – food is no reward.

– What is reward than, if not food, Coco?

– The body at your healthy, natural weight – this is your reward. Food is not a reward. Neither do you “cheat” with food. Treat your food with respect. Eat it with respect. You want something – you eat it. You will jump it off anyway. This “reward” talk is the voice of the Sneaky-Deserve-It-Troll. He would love to “reward” the whole world with diabetes. True reward it to fit into your favorite dress. Reward is if you BF or husband can’t keep his hands off you. Reward is to like you self in the mirror, to be and feel healthy, to feel and look young back again. Reward is to dare doing things you would not dare 30 pounds ago! This is reward! A cake?! Are you joking? Do you feel rewarded every time you fill your gas tank?…

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