Chapter 78: Know yourself, know your enemy.

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If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear a result of one hundred battles. – Sun Tzu

– Provided your Queen’s Quest is kept a secret – your source of sabotage will be reduced to three major saboteurs to deal with. – Though Coco.

– Three sounds less than thirty three. I can deal with three. Who are they, Coco?

– We call them … Princess-of-Boredom, Sneaky-Deserve-It-Troll, and Nasty-IT-Not-Good-Enough.

– Phoa, those are some names!

– Weird names for weird creatures. Bad news about them is – they are very powerful. Good news is – once you know about their existence and learn their moves – you are able to defeat them.

The Princess-of-Boredom certainly did destroy one of my early weight loss attempts. Then following Coco’s advice I played by deception. I defined an alternative goal and shifted my full attention towards this goal: namely goal of financial independence. I decided to develop my own fashion product and become financially independent selling this product. Funny enough I have developed Perfect Tights – a wearable energizer, giving me this extra energy to jump start my fitness. Once the prototypes were done – my tights became my guerilla fighters. To kill the enemy you have to kill the enemy deploying all possible strategies, remember?

There is a lot to launching your own fashion product. No wonder that my attention shifted from obsessing about weight loss to … well, obsessing about my fashion product [LOL]. Not later than last Sunday I felt that my weight loss routine became a habit. I came back home late, busy day. I was very tired and on my way home a thought visited me that may be today I could have a break from exercising. But once at home it felt very natural to take the rope and go jumping. No second thoughts, no weird feelings. As per last Sunday – the Princess-of-Boredom is gone.

To be continued…

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