Chapter 77: Collateral damage …ups sorry … collateral fitness.

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Did I tell you that my exercising causes collateral fitness? It is funny and fun! My BF took up rope jumping and hula hooping. Female colleagues are wearing Perfect Tights. Some of them are jumping rope and all of them went on various kinds of diet. Male colleagues (at least one of them) asked me whether he can have a pair of Perfect Tights as he wants to lose weight faster.

This brought me to a huge aha experience. Rather then keep nagging about people not doing their work properly, not exercising, not washing dishes, not cleaning their room, leaving their socks in each and every corner, I can happily exercise every day – and everybody around me starts exercising. I can start doing my work properly with a smile, ask my colleagues whether they need help – and everybody wakes up to better quality of work. I can wash half of the dishes and guess what, when I am back from jumping rope in the evening – the other half is washed by my BF! I can clean one room or even half of it for this purpose – and out of sudden I see my BF running around with a broom.

Collateral fitness, collateral kindness, collateral happiness! It seems like everything in our life is collateral. Like a huge mirror – as above so below.

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