Chapter 200: Weirdest quit smoking exercise ever…

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Smoking and stepping into your personal power does not go hand in hand.

Smoking habit is like an invisible drain in the bottom of your boat.

It drains your energy no matter what you do and in fact makes sure The Sneaky Deserve It Troll resides at all times exactly on the top of your head banging with his short little legs into your eyeballs. Bang! Bang!

I’ve been smoking and quitting for ages.

I’ve stopped making out with Gollum three years ago and never looked back.

The good news is that quitting smoking is quite easy, way much easier than quitting sugar.

So here you have an exercise which will make you quit 1000%, that’s if you follow the rules. And if you do not follow the rules – account to yourself. Smoking and getting fit does not go hand in hand. Either one or another, choice is yours.

The exercise: 

STEP 1: Keep smoking for a week and gather all cigarette butts into a small glass bottle filled with water. Keep it well closed. Once your bottle is half filled with the cigarette butts and another half with water – you have collected enough.

STEP 2: Put this bottle into your bag and carry it with you anywhere you go.

STEP 3: Want to have a smoke? Open your magic bottle and smell the water. Yak! Still want to smoke? No? Great. Put your bottle back into your bag. Repeat each and every time you want to smoke for as long as it takes to stop craving cigarettes.

STEP 4: What if you are smelling the liquid and you still want to smoke? No worries. Just take a sip. Only after you’ve taken a full sip from your bottle are you allowed to have a cigarette. Disgusting? Well, your lungs do smell same from inside – so why bother?

It is not good for your stomach to drink this water. (And I do not give any medical advice here). However smoking is not good for each and every of your organs. So, why not taking a sip? It will make you puke in disgust and you may seriously reconsider any further cigarettes cravings.

Do not underestimate disgust. It works miracles.

STEP 5: For those among us who keep sipping from the bottle – make sure you refill it with water. (My gosh! I hope no one needs this step five. I get shivers by just looking at the yellow colored water with all these fallen apart dirty cigarette butts!).

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Queen J (The Perfect)

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