Chapter 199: Burning Your Boats And Bridges…

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– What if I fail again, Coco? What if I quit Queen’s Quest?

– You won’t.

– How can you be so sure, Coco?

– Because there will be people in the Game whom you are helping to follow in your footsteps.

– What people?

– Your fellow fitness warriors.

– What fellow warriors? I am the only one in the Game.

– Not for long.

– What?

– Invite people to join. Help them to succeed. Mentor them through the Victories you’ve claimed for yourself already.

– What people?

– Women like you, who are fed up with their status quo, who want to change their life for good, who want to step into their power, get fit, fearless and free!

– How do I get them in?

– Invite them to join. Simply invite them to join.

– And how will it help me succeed?

– You can’t quit once you have students. You can’t quit once success of other people depends on you! Sun Tzu calls it ‘Burning your Boats and Bridges’. I call it ‘True Commitment’.

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